The Legend Of Harajuku Goro's Vol 3 Authentic from Japan

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原宿ゴローズ大全 vol.3 (ワールドムック 1131) (Japanese) Paperback

2013年にこの世を去った髙橋ゴローのトリビュート満載。本邦初公開のエリック・クラプトン&藤原ヒロシがプロデュースしたマーチン000シリーズ goro's editionギターを始め、生前親交の篤かった友人たちのゴローさんとの思い出などゴローズファンにとって読みごたえ、見ごたえ満点の一冊。


平成29年03月05日発行 定価 本体 3333円

2017/03/05 Published by WORLD PHOTO PRESS 

Language: Japanese, English

Through numerous photographs of gorgeously crafted pieces, this book showcases Goro Takahashis fascination with Native American lore and the image of the Wild West. For more than 40 years, he has been hand-crafting accessories such as belts, necklaces, bracelets, bags and medallions, and his eagle and feather designs, learned and honed over many years of living with the Navajo, are highly sought after and only available at Goros single store in Tokyo. Silver, gold, turquoise, leather and beads are just some of the materials in this storied anthology of outstanding dedication, love and skilled craftsmanship, accompanied by biographical texts and anecdotes.

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